Graphic Design Internship GRA4940
The Graphic Design Internship course provides Graphic Design Students with experiential learning opportunities at Museums, Galleries, Studios, Branding Agencies, and Design Firms. Our students gain real-world experience, develop valuable relationships, and insight that will help them begin their transition toward a professional life.
A 3-credit internship requires 144 hours of internship work – 10 hours per week during the Fall or Spring semesters, or 20 hours per week during the Summer semester.  
It is the student's responsibility to find a sponsor/host for the internship. below please read the list and link to possible sponsors that have worked with us in the past.

Internship Process
1. Prepare your portfolio, at least 10 samples in a pdf or a link to a site.
2. Send requests to possible internship sponsors. Sponsors must know about design and your supervisor needs to teach and guide you. We prefer on-site experiences but online could also be possible.
3. Download and fill out the contract and send it for approval to Prof. Pease ( 
The committee will review your contract application and let you know. Make sure to include all tasks on page 1.
4. Once the process is completed, your advisor will notify you and allow you in the class
4. Enroll for class (GRA 4940)
5. Log hours, and document tasks, accomplishments, and examples of work completed during your internship. You need 144 hours.
6. Write an essay summarizing the overall internship experience (500 words or more)
7. Add the evaluation from the supervisor (page 2 of your contract)
8. Submit all the info plus screenshots of all the work by the due date. Please check Canvas for additional details
Grading Policy for Art + Art History Internships
Evaluation by the supervisor on the job – 50% of the grade
Journal and log – 25% (FIU Faculty)
Final report – 25% (FIU Faculty)

Internship Requests Deadline Dates
Fall Semester – July 1st
Spring Semester – October 1st
Summer Semester – March 1st
Deadline dates are flexible. Contact Silvia Pease with any questions.


CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO Browse some In-State Opportunities
Adrienne Arsht Center
Graphic Design and Artist/Event Management
Fairchild Gardens   
Animation, Social Media Design, and Digital Media
NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises  
Digital Media, Editorial, Art & Design and Animation Production
Pérez Art Museum Miami PAMM
Graphic Design 
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Graphic Design, Digital Innovation, Product Marketing and UX Design
Graphic Design, Digital Media and Marketing 
The Bass Museum of Art
Graphic Design, Social Media, Art & Museum Education
The Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Graphic Design and Digital Marketing
The Wolfsonian 
A wide variety of museum operations and practices
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Graphic Design and Digital Media
Walt Disney Studios
Graphic Design and Animation
Zimmerman Advertising
Creative Art, Graphic Design, and Social Media Design
AC Graphics
Printing production design

Art and design Museum 

Browse some Out-of-State Opportunities
Graphic Design, Digital, Marketing
Graphic Design, Illustration
UX (User Experience) Design
Museum of Modern Art
Curatorial, Exhibitions & Programs Production
Graphic Design, Video and Photo Production, CMF Industrial Design
The Metropolitan Museum 
Curatorial, Digital, Design, Imaging
Warner Bros.
Social Media, Marketing, Creative Development, Digital Media
Whitney Museum of Art
Curatorial, Graphic Design, Marketing

For more internship opportunities, visit:

Selected Internship experiences told by FIU Students
to read the entire article :CARTA disciplines combine forces for 2019-2020 theatre season publicity
“I was able to work on big projects like the Aerial Vision family guide booklet, the Birthday Card Gif and the Home is Where the Horror is Gif. All this work took very long to make mainly because we needed to make sure that everything was perfect before sending it out, so through my process a lot was changed which opened space for new ideas. I specially had a lot of fun doing motion design and designing merch for the store, I got to also learn to create the mockups. Overall, I think I got the best out of my internship, I was able to learn and experience how to create big projects. I was very proud with my works and collaborations when they were published or printed, seeing them come to life was amazing!” Thalia Monier, Internship at the Wolfsonian, 2022.
"I am very grateful to have been able to intern for the non-profit organization, Miami EdTech…While interning at Miami EdTech I have been able to use my creativity in an array of ways including web design, prototyping, UI/UX design, illustration, photography, motion graphics, videography, and marketing. I was also able to attend events where I networked with people working in the industry and attended events where I really got to see the impact Miami EdTech has had on the community.”
“During my internship I helped the team in creating our very own NFT which later appeared on the NFT market called Opensea. Through
this experience I’ve been able to build a better understanding of how NFTs are not only made but also how they work.”
Gabriela Martinez, Internship at Miami EdTech, Spring 2022
“I got to do so much and honestly got the first-hand experience of being a Jr. book designer even while working remotely. I may not have gotten the opportunity to design a cover, but I am proud to have worked on the mechanicals for Her Honor (trade paperback), We Are the Brennans (trade paperback), and the hardcover & ARC for Growing Up Biden, the story of Valerie Biden…I saw first-hand how typography can make or break an impactful book cover.… Having these meetings and shadowing our in-house team as they design covers has helped me gleam how to dissect the material. I have also picked up a few tips and tricks on setting type and how intensely exhausting it can be to fix the onslaught of rivers in type. I can say confidently, I have grown abundantly better at using InDesign… One of the last and most impactful aspects of my internship has been our Lunch & Learns. This is where all our interns virtually meet for lunch with a colleague in Macmillan… I really took this internship in stride despite the initial hiccups I faced in the transition period. As well as being able to say I now have a slew of connections that I made at the company.”  K’deja Correa, Internship at Macmillan, Spring 2022.
“I worked as the student graphic designer for the Plasma Forming Laboratory (PFL) at Florida International University’s (FIU’s) College of Engineering with Dr. Arvind Agarwal’s team...Some of the most impactful projects I had the opportunity of doing were project 3, which was the Trifold Design for the Soft Matter Mematics Laboratory brochure (as well as the first project that had been printed), project 5, which was a cover for the Advanced Materials magazine, projects 11 and 12, which were the banner and magazine booklet for the AMERI Conference event held in March, and lastly project 15, which was fixing the PFL team members’ profile images that are in the PFL website…This experience has left me with a lasting impression of the graphic design field. As each project was completed and experience gained, I felt that I was able to increase the quality of my work...The printing projects also helped me with how to format the jpeg and pdf document for them to be ready to print. Additionally, the collaboration process also helped me with better communicating and visualizing the designs throughout each project.” Shairymar Negron, Spring 2022.
“This Spring semester, as a senior I was able to land an internship with Florida international University. I was hired as a Creative Media Assistant who would work with Campus Life at Biscayne Bay Campus. Our team produces designs that promote club events for SGA (Student Government Association), BSU, (Black Student Union), Panther Power, and countless more. Projects range from apparel designs, flyers, posters, and stickers to name a few…It was my first time also having access to Adobe Stocks and Envato Elements which allowed me to grab elements such as fonts, illustrations and images to help quicken my pace. Usually as student designers, we have to use what we have at hand, so I was used to drawing my own graphic elements for my design. This opportunity has also opened the door for me to gain more experience in the design field as they offered to keep me for the rest of the year! So my learning has still not stopped and I have more knowledge to obtain to get me ready for my first full-time job as a graphic designer.” Jessica Gil, Spring 2022
“It's been a great learning experience in a short time for me. Looking forward, I want to continue experimenting with design, animation, and all things visual. I also want to become more proficient with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (particularly when it came to website motion-- though not all our websites use it)… All in all, the internship experience allowed me to grow in the sense that I continue to design while being given the freedom to experiment with forward-thinking trends within the limits provided by our manuals.” Dayana Ibarra, Internship at Digital Marketing Studio, Spring 2022.

" Thanks to the FIU Graphic Design Internship program! My research was life-changing.  I researched the Black Lives Matter posters in the campaign from around the world from 2013 until 2020. This site hosts my visual research work: "PLACARD PROJECT"
 the years, BLM has been rising and so has the ingenuity of placards. People of various races express themselves and demonstrate their support for the black community. They are coming together as one to send a clear message to the world that something has to change. People march on the streets making sure their voices are being heard and physically expressing their true emotions. The messages on the placards and posters are being seen by millions of people all over the world. As you move from page to page, each year there was a specific spark that caused a major outbreak in the BLM movement."  Mathew Escalera, Research Internship in Design, Spring 2020.
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