Graphic Design Internship -GRA4940
The Graphic Design Internship course provides Graphic Design Students with experiential learning opportunities within Museums, Galleries, Studios, Branding Agencies and Design Firms across Florida. Our students gain real world experience, develop valuable relationships, and insight that will help them begin their transition from student to professional.
A 3-credit internship requires 240 hours of internship work – 15 hours per week during the Fall or Spring semesters, or 20 hours per week during the Summer semester.  
Internship Process
1. Find an internship sponsor 
2. Fill out the contract and send it for approval to Prof. Pease ( 
The committee will review your contract application
3. Once the process is completed, your advisor will notify you and allow you in the class
4. Enroll for class (GRA 4940)
5. Log hours, document tasks, accomplishments, and examples of work completed during your internship. You need 240 hours.
6. Write an essay summarizing the overall internship experience (500 words or more)
7. Add the evaluation from supervisor (page 2 of your contract)
8. Submit all the info plus screen-shots of all the work by the due date. Please check canvas for additional details

Grading Policy for Art + Art History Internships
Evaluation by the supervisor on the job – 50% of the grade
Journal and log – 25% (FIU Faculty)
Final report – 25% (FIU Faculty)
Internship Requests Deadline Dates
Fall Semester – July 1st
Spring Semester – October 1st
Summer Semester – March 1st
(Deadline dates are flexible, contact with any questions).

Download the Internship Contract

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