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AID President Ika Garcia at the Presentation along with Prof. Carlos Causo

Prof. Marc Rabinowitz conducting the lecture at FIU

Font Breaker! The first IAD club meeting of 2023 kicked off with an engaging "Font Breaker" activity.
In this creative exercise, students were encouraged to craft their distinctive fonts to write their names, resulting in a fascinating display of individuality. Members enthusiastically shared their font designs, It was a wonderful way to commence the IAD club's journey, celebrating the diversity and artistic talents of its members.
"Last year, we held movie nights on graphic design and art, painting events, and workshops. The IAD club created The Beep Zine which would showcase art pertaining to the month’s theme. Everyone was allowed to submit their work. We also had a screen printing workshop, where we taught how to screen print images on fabric. This is where we made official club t-shirts. In our painting event, the officers and members followed a Bob Ross painting tutorial. Our goal was to help students relax during finals and have a moment to be stress-free. For our movie nights and quiz nights, we wanted something fun but educational. We welcome everyone! members who are and are not in the arts and design programs We traveled to meet the famous designer David Carson and had a one-on-one discussion. It is fun! Join us." -Amy Durant
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