Hazael Jacobo Sanchez 
Thesis: A Sad Ballad with a Brighter Step for the Future 
This project explores the relationship between art and mental health, noting various artists who have created works depicting trauma in an abstract way. Hazael created four digital illustrations that visually express the struggles that many people go through.
Nicolle Bruges
Thesis: In the Presence of Absence (Additive Subtraction)
This thesis conceptualized the concept of absence being thought of as a kind of presence, creating meaningful imagery by removing aspects of a pre-existing image.

Madelyne Carrion
Thesis: How Illustration Can Expand On the Value of a Subject Over Its Actual Size. 
This project explores an abstract expression of well-loved objects. Madelyne tells their stories through illustrations that leave room for viewers to discern their own meaning of what they see. 
Mabelis Javier Garcia
Thesis: Branding and Brand Consumer Behavior
The project explores color and how can affect our moods and emotions, more specifically, purchasing decisions. Mabelis created a brand identity for "Fruity Basket," including the logo, palette, and mockups.
Denisse Carranza
Thesis: Healing through Art and Collages
This project covers the inner turmoil faced when discussing identity. Denisse created collage portraits that not only showcase identity but her culture.
​​Lauren Chmelnicky​ 
Thesis: ​​Custom Sneakers are Wearable Art​ 
This project focuses on presenting custom shoes as wearable art to spread awareness of creating an art piece that you can wear and take with you everywhere you go.
Jorge Garcia 
Thesis: How Graphic Design and Branding Influence our Youth and Decision Making
This thesis focuses on visual branding, and how it can be used to influence the youth, in this case, through illustrative storytelling.
Margeaux Gellermann
Thesis: Graphic Design Throughout Feminism’s History
This project draws inspiration from the three waves of feminism and incorporates them into several illustrations.
Eloy Capestany 
Thesis: Why Study Art History? And Why More People Should Study It? 
This thesis covers art history and displays the illustrated visages of prolific artists.
Johan Amador 
Thesis: An Exploration of Editorial Illustration and Design
This thesis focuses on the 4 basic types of Graphic Design: Advertising and Marketing Design, Illustration and Typographic Design.
Monica Llerena
Thesis: -RE
This project combines maximalism and minimalism through the branding of a skincare brand. The images feature products of the 
Celia Gonzalez
Thesis: “Branding and The Subconscious Mind” 
This project focuses on the psychological effects that branding has on consumers.
Gabriella Ferriol
Thesis: The Perfect Balance: Combining Exciting and Familiar Imagery 
This project explores the psychology behind novelty and familiarity, incorporating stylistic traits found in Miami to create a series of images Gabriella dubs “Nike Dunk Low Poolside.”
Karina Serrano
Thesis: Storytelling and World Building Through Illustrations 
This thesis focuses on world-building or universe-building. It features illustrations of extraterrestrials, planets, and ships. Karina created these comic-like illustrations as ideas to be expanded on in the future.
Alejandro Landivar
Thesis: Dogs Series
This thesis focuses on capturing the unique personalities of different dogs, showing the special emotional bonds between dogs and dog owners through black-and-white photography.
K'deja Correa
Thesis: “Big Books, Big Competition”
This project is centered on branding. K'deja designed a bookstore (Midday Reads) & café (Sage Eatery) that can enliven the bookstore experience. 
Angie Pantaleon
Thesis: Exploring Branding for Sustainable Beauty Brands
This thesis focused on creating mockups for a brand that's sustainable by using harmful materials and techniques. 
Gabriel Abril
Reclaiming Nature: A Blending of Graphic Design and Photography 
This project combines concepts of photography and graphic design and displays pictures of abandoned places. Gabriel captured places in Miami that once had a history and purpose.
Laura Hernandez
Thesis: World Building In Graphic Design 
This thesis focuses on the connection between storytelling and worldbuilding. Laura created a design that comes from an innate understanding of the audience will always help create a strong memory.
Gustavo Miranda
Thesis: Creative Thinking
This thesis defines the subject of creativity and its origin, and exemplifies strategies for improvement. Gustavo conceptualized and designed a card game that allows players to explore and improve their relationship with creative tasks.
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