Yeli Kordich
Thesis: Sound & Color
This project explores the synesthetic relationship between sound and color, which can be used to create a visual and audio experience that will invoke an emotional response from an audience. Yeli created four digital paintings that visually express and accompany the sounds of the selected music tracks.
Noah Farid
Thesis: Graphic Design Elements in Postwar Japanese Ceramics
This thesis highlights the presence of graphic design elements in post-war Japanese ceramics and explores the relationship between these two artistic mediums. Noah created a series of 4 digital posters that showcases his ceramic sculptures in the context of graphic design, and produced two sculptures to further emphasize this relationship. 

Lauren Walker
Thesis: The Romance of Modernism in Graphic Design and Museums
This project explores Modernism in the graphic design field and its influence in branding content produced by museums. Lauren generated work  that represents the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and showcases the influence Modernism has on this artistic establishment through the use of bold sans-serif typography, graphical illustrations and shapes, and bright colors of magenta, blue, green, and yellow. 
Stephanie Udrescu
Thesis: Typeface Personalities
The project explores typeface personalities and how they influence the viewer's perception when applied in marketing, advertising, and branding. Stephanie created a decorative font that is conceptually based on the city of Miami and its relationship with the arts, nightlife, and culture. Each element used in the creation of every letter is an abstract representation of different characteristics that define Miami. 
Ramon Ripoll
Thesis: Look, There's Something Here to Look!
This project defines typography as the visual component of the written word and incorporates all factors of the type's visual appearance. Ramon evaluates how the incorporation of text in design is imperative by analyzing the target audience and its utility within graphic design.
Lorenzo Perez
Thesis: How Clothing Brands Use Graphic Design to Design.
This project focuses on the purpose of branding and what factors can make it successful. Lorenzo highlights branding and the importance of visual identity by creating a brand of his own designs.
Gabriela Martinez
Thesis: UI/UX: The Triumph of Flat Design
This thesis focuses on the aesthetics surrounding user experience and user interface design. Gabriela questions the use of flat design style in today's digital interfaces and revisits past design trends and their use and how flat design has triumphed over them.
Dayana Ibarra
Thesis: The Viability of the User Experience Based on Visual Design Aesthetics
This project focuses on the emotional reaction people can have and the influence visuals can have on opinions and the experience of a digital application as a whole. Dayana designs an app with a simple visual approach but focuses on the workflow.
Rachel Hansell
Thesis: Grief: A Journey in Stages
This thesis prioritizes that the road to healing isn't an easy one, as everyone's journey is different. Rachel expands on the five stages of grief and how they shed light on the complexities of the grieving process giving the griever a much needed sense of hope.
Elaine Guia Perez
Thesis: An Exploration of Editorial Illustration and Design
This thesis focuses on the exploration of editorial design as a field and it's techniques to success and importance. Elaine investigates design elements, their importance and how people interact with them.
Daniel Morales
Thesis: The Process of Creating Visual Elements for a Game.
This project points out how interaction is a very important aspect of our everyday life, yet can be very different from video game interactions.  Daniel creates his own simple game that can be played by anyone anywhere.
Jessica Gil
Thesis: The Importance of Digital Accessibility.
This project focuses on how essential it is for graphic designers to make their designs accessible to everyone whether they are abled or disabled. Jessica points out how unaccessible digital design has harmfully impacted the disabled community for years and highlights what accessible design should look like.
Victoria Ballanti
Thesis: NFTs and The Future of Digital Design
This project explores the topic of NFTs and the role digital designers play in this industry. Victoria created a series of 4 illustrations that resemble an NFT artwork collection. 
Maria Mendez
Thesis: Latinx Heritage in Children’s Books 
This thesis focuses on the importance of Hispanic heritage in children's media, as well as the effects diversification can have on opening a child's mind to both representation and different cultures. Maria created a children's book filled with illustrations about making various Venezuelan arepas.
Whitney Cox
Thesis: A Christian Perspective for Nude Art
This thesis depicts the societal relationship between nudity and art in the past compared to the present. Whitney created four illustrations that represent the garden of Eden, Eve, and the forbidden fruit.
Natalia Arencibia
Thesis: Brand Presentation: Picar
This project showcases a brand identity for a multicultural meal-kit platform called Picar. Natalia has developed logo variations, color palettes, brand marks, typography, and more to represent the brand.
Anthony Cambas
Thesis: UI Features and Design in MMORPGs
This thesis focuses on UI design in video games and how they affect immersion and understanding in players. Anthony developed prospective UI mockups for a game called Final Fantasy 14 to improve the delivery of visual information.
Joel Enamorado
Thesis: Visual Design of Musical Albums
This project displays various visual interpretations of song visuals by musical artists. Joel developed multiple images that depict aesthetics related to song titles.
Thalia Monier
Thesis: Diving Into Motion Design
This thesis focuses on the history of motion design, the importance of it, and the effects it has on viewers, which contribute to its success in the content creation world. Thalia created 4 motion design animations that showcase different colors and use a range of motion design styles. 
Florencia Duarte
Thesis: Meditative Design
This project dives into meditation as a tool for creatives to expand their perception and enhance their observational skills by mindfully redirecting their attention. Florencia created a collection of stickers that embody meditation through symbols such as vines (plants), eyes, and the sun (yellow circle). Florencia decided to create stickers because they communicate short messages and can be placed anywhere, especially on objects that are frequently used, which allows the positive message to be repeated in one's subconscious each time they use that object.
Gustavo Miranda
Thesis: Creative Thinking
This thesis defines the subject of creativity and its origin, and exemplifies strategies for improvement. Gustavo conceptualized and designed a card game that allows players to explore and improve their relationship with creative tasks.
Michael Morales
Thesis: E-Waste: How to Design Solutions
This thesis tackles design for e-waste attention. Through a re-imagination of product design, educational material, and civil design we can achieve long term solutions for the battle with humanity’s electronic rival. 
Nicholas Martins
Thesis: Effective Color In Design
This thesis studies color choice and how it is vital when designing, as it heavily influences the way consumers react to a product. But designers don't always give palette selection the attention it deserves. A product could be well designed and packaged, but could produce little consumer enthusiasm due to a dull or outdated color palette.
Daphne Jordan
Thesis: Redesigning Grocery Stores Behavior of Single-Use Plastic Through Graphic Design
This thesis analysis the types of plastics found in grocery stores that can be avoided by influencing consumers to purchase less plastic packages and bags through the methods of graphic design and human behavior in regards to habits.
Jennifer Hudock
Thesis: Learning Accessibility Makes for Better Designers
This project dives into the way in which designers consider who is looking at their designs and knowing that the audience also includes people with disabilities. Jennifer explores the ways that we as designers could be more attuned to these needs. She creates a set of informational graphics as well as posters that can call attention to these issues. Her focus on creating graphics that are experimental in projects as such, to show that they can be inclusive.
Paula Gil
Thesis: The Power of Motion in Typography
This project combines motion graphics and typography in visual communication. Goes into detail in how static print-based typography lacks the ability to express an emotional response, such as the tone of voice or intensity of emotion.
Melissa Garcia
Thesis: Design as a Tool for Social Change
This project of posters highlight the benefits that come from utilizing design as a tool for social change: giving communities a voice, spreading awareness, empowering communities, starting a dialog, creating positive change, and creating lasting connections. 
Cynthia Garcia
Thesis: Simple, but Memorable
This project re-creates an unforgettable memory through illustrations. It invites to cherish the little moments and life and not let your body and mind stay in autopilot mode. 
Gabriel Galvan
Thesis: Experimental Art Poster Series
This project focuses on the self-study of aesthetics in experimental and free-flowing creative abstract techniques. The approach followed is to support the “pure art” direction in that it will be a collection of abstract, non-objective, non-representational, and non-figurative works. The area of study consists of creating a series of 9 posters, each will consist of a color and involving the name of that color. The purpose of this project is to expand on creativity given a vague objective. To apply design techniques in an abstract form of visual thinking and to resolve them as graphic art as a whole. To express what is felt when given a color such as “yellow” through the artwork in an experimental and abstract free form of creation. The creation of fine art is one that is created freely and with the set mind of an aesthetic quality.
Steven Downer
Thesis: Thesis Paper
This project focuses on posters and visual imagery that depict ways of decreasing the amount of progressive deforestation to save the environment. 
Miguel Camacho
Thesis: Design and Cultural Identity: How Illustration Influences Society
This project aims  to create imagery with the sole purpose of triggering responses that are either highly negative or profoundly euphoric. It explores the ways in which illustrations catch the attention of the viewer and how the message is received and interpreted.
Ryan Buzzi
Thesis: Beyond Biology: Exploring Societal Connections Through Imaginary Creatures
This project consists of a collection of animated illustrations featuring fantastical creatures and locations based on real world influences. Beyond Biology is a collection created to encapsulate a full set of interests in graphic design while allowing the artist to exhibit his range of abilities and skills.
Brian Alvarado
Thesis: The Takeover of Motion Design
This project aims to explore the world of motion and experiment with the different ways of motion design that current trends have and see why and what makes it pleasing to the eye. Making these motion graphics is to write down the process and describe how visual graphics can be effective for the construction of creating a visual branding identity and storytelling for a brand.
David Gil
Thesis: Does A Designer Have A Social Impact? Can A Designer Change One's Mindset?
Kayla Valdes
Thesis: The Problem with Modern Branding Guidelines
In this project, Kayla Valdes tackles the problem in hand by creating a booklet with all the organized information that a designer should create while working on branding a product. She believes that creating these guidelines should be first expressed on paper, and then digitized.
Annarosa Guerrero
Thesis: Making an Impact on Illiteracy through Children's Books.
In this project, the books all address typography, character design, book design, color theory, and story-boarding as it relates to the process of making literature for children. The book narratives and illustrations are inherently friendly, compelling, and serve a purpose.
Emily Otano
Thesis: Better Yet Book Set Box.
This project proposes a new approach that strengthens the approachability of the subject matter by using metaphoric illustrations and dynamic typography in a three-book box set, while targeting the greatest design weaknesses of the genre.​​​​​​​
Kristina Rodriguez
Thesis: Sexual Harassment.
The project is about creating awareness of what sexual harassment is through posters with original illustrations. Kristina Rodriguez incorporated metaphors into her illustrations to create interest, and added the use of high contrasting color to maintain the attention of my audience.
Jorge Moreno
Thesis: Graphic Design: The Path to Happiness.
The project consists in a zine that encourages people to be happy and motivated through design. Jorge Moreno created a brand called "" in which he started the "Happiness Is..." sub-project. The sub-project consists in a survey where people around the world share what happiness is to them.
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